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From being ignored to becoming a hot spot, the plus-size women's clothing market is ushering in spring

In the past two years, as women have become more and more self-pleasing in their consumption, good-looking and comfortable plus-size women's clothing has become an urgent need for many "plus-size girls". At the same time, with the help of e-commerce and live streaming, the plus-size women's clothing market, which has been ignored by mainstream aesthetics and the market, is rapidly heating up.
The Spring of Plus Size
For a long time, plus-size women's clothing has been neglected. On the one hand, plus-size bodies are more diverse, and people with fat thighs, fat stomachs, and fat shoulders have different clothing needs, and plus-size clothing costs more in terms of style and fabric; on the other hand, some brands believe that plus-size clothing will "discredit" the brand image and usually regard plus-size clothing as an ancillary business. "Plus-size girls", whether middle-aged mothers or young girls, are all troubled by problems such as having nowhere to buy clothes, not having many styles, and not being trendy enough.
In recent years, with the rise of women's independent consciousness, people have begun to accept the "imperfections" of their bodies and strive to show diversified, healthy and real beauty. "Plus-size girls" are also increasingly confident in pursuing the design and fashion sense of plus-size clothing.
In shopping malls, more and more women's clothing stores have abandoned the thin models in the fashion aesthetic and have used sturdy models to display clothes. The "bye-bye fat" on the models' arms and the small belly fat have sparked heated discussions among netizens. At the same time, the status of "plus size" in the fashion circle has gradually risen, and more and more brands have begun to use plus-size models to show the definition of "broader beauty".
2020 can be said to be a year of sudden rise of plus-size women's clothing, which has become an important year for driving the growth of women's clothing category performance. Public data shows that the category achieved sales of 15.6 billion yuan that year, a year-on-year increase of 42%. According to data from Coresight Research, a global retail think tank, the market value of China's plus-size clothing market in 2020 has reached 10.9 billion US dollars. Tianyancha data shows that there are currently more than 3,800 plus-size women's clothing companies in my country, and more than 610 have been added since the beginning of this year.

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